All our workshops handle the supply and maintenance of industrial valve equipment of all types, all diameters, all series and all brands. 

  • Valves (wedge gate, parallel, butterfly, guillotine, slide valve, antisurge, alkylation, autoclaves, etc.).
  • Spigots (valve-type, ball or cone, piston, changeover, tank, Eurochlor, etc.).
  • Check valves (flapper, ball, shock-free, recirculation, autoclaves).
  • We also supply levels, regulators and filters etc.

This list is obviously not exhaustive…


Our customers are required to keep their safety valves in perfect working order both for the safety of their facilities and from a regulatory standpoint.

Our workshop staff have the experience and skills required to bring safety devices into conformity and to inspect them, regardless of the type, size or manufacturer. Spring-loaded valves, Breathing valves and pressure/vacuum valves, Counterbalance valves, Low pressure valves, Vents, Regulators, Vacuum breakers.

Our computerized test benches are equipped with ultra sensitive pressure and displacement sensors to record the tests performed. This equipment can also print out pressure rise and tripping curves on time charts, presenting the minimum/maximum limits of +/- 3% either side of the target pressure.



Automatic valves and control valves play a major role in the automation of industrial manufacturing processes.

To optimise their production processes, our customers must be able to rely on competent and experienced partners who have full knowledge of these technologies.

In addition to these essential skills, Robinetterie Service can respond immediately to your needs with full knowledge of your production requirements and with an awareness of the operating losses inherent in production stoppages.




On-site and in-situ testing

Production shutdowns, however brief, are always extremely costly. To avoid these types of expenses, Robinetterie Service offers its customers two types of specific tests which avoid heavy removal/refitting operations and crane operations. Adjoining lines can also be kept in use during external inspection and testing operations.

We have developed our own range of light mobile equipment enabling us to carry out checks on your devices on site, even if they are difficult to access.

These include the Flow-Test system which can perform trip tests and determine the calibration value of a valve while in operation.

The Her-Test system, used to perform true leak tests on valves and safety valves (Kellog test) on site when they can be isolated.

These two processes enable us to check the operation of your devices, the results are then provided in standardised reports.