Robinetterie Service has been providing support to major contractors during these delicate operations for many years now.

Our staff are skilled and experienced in leading such projects and they know how to minimize customer risks.

Our staff can handle all your requirements with efficiency and reliability. Technical shutdowns are critical periods for all our customers.


In order to cope with the volumes in question, Robinetterie Service can call on staff from its various sites to provide experienced and qualified valve manufacturers capable of handling the work within the required deadlines, both on-site and in the workshop.

Supervision during major technical shutdowns

Robinetterie Service supervisors are made available throughout major technical shutdowns to provide assistance and advice.

1)  First-class supervision

The supervisor will provide assistance during preparation for the shutdown and during all work, they act as the interface between your company and the office in charge of the project.

They will monitor the removal, decontamination, provision and proper reception of devices in storage areas before they are sent to the workshop. He also oversees their return.

Being present through the key stages of all operations associated with the repair of the devices, they can provide real-time reports on the progress of the shutdown and warn of any anomalies, damage and non-conformities that could impact the smooth running of the work.

2) An efficient logistics service

During major technical shutdowns, we make daily shuttle runs between your site and our workshops to ferry equipment and staff such as workshop maintenance crews.

We use our own fleet of vehicles to provide a fast and efficient service, whether for scheduled interventions or to respond to emergency requirements.

We have a fleet of light vehicles, vans, trucks, flatbeds and heavy goods vehicles equipped with cranes, as well as a workshop truck to support activities at the site.

These vehicles are loaded and driven by company staff who can also notify you of discrepancies and visible anomalies when your devices are loaded into the storage area.



3) Reportings

Each of the stages in which we take part are rigorously recorded in a computerized progress reports showing the progress for each device: the inventory date at your site, the shipping date, reception at the workshop, assessments, repairs, arrival at the test bench, shipping, acceptance at your site and refitting, if this is done by us.

4) Inspection and audits during shutdowns

We work with our customers in a spirit of partnership and total transparency. We therefore ask contractors to send inspectors to our workshops during major technical shutdowns to monitor maintenance operations performed on their devices in real time, and also to provide their expertise and perform tests and checks.

5) Reduction of customer stock

In order to shorten the time required for technical shutdowns, our customers are often required to build up large stocks of spare parts, many of which are subsequently found to go unused.

To help you reduce significant and continuous increases in inventory, we can work with your storage facilities to identify your actual needs and to supply missing parts.

Lastly, during shutdowns, our experience as a manufacturer enables us to fabricate any missing spare parts within the deadlines required.