With our experience as a JL MALBRANQUE manufacturer, we have the expertise and skills required to repair or fabricate any spare parts that may be required to bring your devices back into conformity.

Unlike the majority of valve repairer companies, we are able to return your devices with new internal parts even when they are no longer available on the market or the original manufacturer no longer exists…

Our skills, which exceed those of other valve maintenance companies, enable you to keep using equipment which might otherwise be rejected due to lack of spares.

We possess a large range of machine tools enabling us to machine all sizes of valves and spare parts. Our special lapping and glazing machines ensure optimal sealing results for your equipment. Our skills cover:

Actuation rods and Threads

Grinding of the smooth parts of actuation rods to remove all traces of corrosion or lamination. We can also re-thread actuation rods and their nuts if the threads have become deformed.

Rectification of side flanges and joint faces

Correct external sealing of devices is essential to ensure the safety of both the staff and the facilities. The joints between the units and their pipes therefore require perfect surfaces free from defects. Unfortunately, it is common to see repairer technicians “sanding” these flanges which then lose their parallelism and machining grooves over time, while it is precisely these which ensure the tightness of the connection by making an impression inside the joint.

As we possess the required machines and skills, we can re-machine these parts to make them parallel again, and re-machine the grooves with the required roughness defined in the standards.

Repair by welding the sealing faces of the devices

The sealing faces of the seats and shutters are sometimes so worn or have become so deteriorated through “sanding” by other repair companies that they are completely outside the required tolerances.

Our workshops are able to replace missing material on load-bearing surfaces by deposition (generally 13% Cr or grade 6 Stellite with stainless steel underneath). After deposition, these load-bearing surfaces are rectified on parallel lathes, vertical lathes or boring machines before being lapped and then glazed.



Fabrication and replacement of threaded and welded valve seats

A valve with a seat which is deteriorated or outside of tolerances should not, however, be discarded. We can extract these deteriorated seats by chipping, re-machining their housings, fabricating them and replacing them in the valve, which can then be reused for an identical or an even longer period.

Fabrication of spare parts

We can fabricate threaded and welded seats, actuation rods, rod nuts (actuation nuts), forged gland seals, PTFE seat gaskets, nozzles, valves, etc…

When a spare part cannot be obtained in time for technical shutdowns, Robinetterie Service will use its expertise to supply replacement parts in full compliance with the applicable regulations

Pure forged graphite cable glands

We possess moulds and can make moulds to produce pure graphite rings sized to the diameters of the actuation rods and stuffing boxes for valves handling particularly aggressive products.

After forging in a hydraulic press, these rings are stacked between two anti-extrusion braids, making it possible to produce gland seals for difficult lines such as steam networks.

Although we are able to manufacture these types of parts, Robinetterie Service will always suggest OEM parts be used.

Over the years, ROBINETTERIE SERVICE has developed a large number of contacts with manufacturers and suppliers enabling it to provide appropriate responses that fully meet its customers’ requirements.

We can supply spare parts for all types of industrial valves, safety valves, automatic valves and control valves, and also for more specific devices such as glass levels and magnetic levels, shutters, regulators, etc.

Lastly, the decades-long relationships we maintain also enable us to supply spare parts for devices that are no longer being manufactured.